Your Grass is Hungry - Feed It!

Just like us humans, your lawn also needs to periodically eat food and drink water to ensure optimum health. Unfortunately, keeping up a healthy lawn diet is also the area where most people tend to slack, due to laziness or ignorance about what their lawn craves. While some of its nutrients can come from the environment, much of it usually needs to come from an alternative source normally in the form of fertiliser.

When it comes to choosing the right fertiliser for your lawn, there are loads of different brands and types available at your local garden centre (if you want to do it yourself). Otherwise, give us a call at Mowing Services Brisbane to arrange a time for one of our expert lawn technicians to come around and inspect your lawn.

In most cases the ideal lawn fertilisation is achieved by getting food that has a slow release mechanism since common grasses can’t intake all the nutrients from the food all at once. That means the grass either gets choked up from a nutrient overload or much of it goes to waste. The benefits of a slow release formula is that your grass only needs to take what it needs at the time, and will continue to get more as the days and weeks go on. This also means you spend less time feeding your lawn and more time enjoying it!

If you prefer to stay organic, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a place for that as well and it’s reasonably easy too. Instead of buying bags of lawn fertiliser, simply start composting at home by separating your food scraps from general household waste. Remember to turn your compost frequently to help it break down more quickly and make sure you have a good mixture of brown and green materials in your compost pile so that the nutrients are balanced out. Ensure that the compost has degraded sufficiently before scattering it around your lawn at a frequency of approximately twice per year.

A helpful tool on the job for spreading fertilisation is a good spreader. Not only will you find this the cleanest method, but it’s also the quickest and the easiest way to ensure an even spread.

Pro Tip: Fill the spreader on concrete or a patch of dirt away from your lawn. It is possible to kill grass by over feeding it or filling the spreader in one place while it’s spitting out food on the other side.

Finally, always take time to read the instructions carefully when purchasing and using lawn fertiliser. Similar products can have very different guidelines on how to apply and failure to follow these directions could be hazardous to your lawn. Of course, if you feel like you’re not up to the task, Mowing Services Brisbane have an experienced and fully trained team of expert lawn technicians who are happy to take care of all your lawn care needs.