What's the catch with catcher off mowing?

Catcher off mowing is a great way to grow a better lawn, and can save some time by not having to collect and empty the grass clippings. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too (:

If you are worried that not collecting the clippings will damage your grass - fear not - because when done correctly it is totally possible to start leaving the cut grass where it is and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lawn. 

It’s no surprise that mowed grass clippings dry fast in Brisbane and normally within a day residues have disappeared. If after a day you can still notice the clippings, this is a sign that you’ve been late in mowing and consequently cut too much. Obviously smothering your lawn in dead matter will cause damage to your grass, as well as looking undesirable. This is why a good rule of thumb in peak lawn growing season should be cut to a frequency and at a height, that not more than about 40% of the leaf is removed at any one time. For most people this means that you should be mowing at least once weekly or even as often as every 3 days. In this routine it would is perfectly safe not to collect the clippings.

As grass leaves are rich in nitrogen catcher off mowing provides a great natural fertiliser. It also means that less waste matter ends up in the landfills which has significant environmental benefits. Finally, mowing more often while removing less grass each time is not only a major factor contributing to a successful lawn, but should save you time overall as mowing actually becomes easier and can be carried out more efficiently. Oh! And you won’t have to collect and empty the grass clippings anymore!